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Villa Hidden Jewel

East Bali

Rice terraces, white sand beaches & Temples

East Bali

Most tourists who visit Bali stay in South Bali, but East Bali is a fantastic place to visit and stay, especially if you want to discover the culture and nature of the island. East Bali is also referred to as the Authentic Bali. It is a mystical part of Bali with a beautiful green landscape dominated by the volcanoes Agung and Batur. Beautiful temples and palaces, amazing beaches and the greenest rice fields. Please find below some of the most interesting and beautiful beaches, villages, temples and palaces below. All of them are easy to visit from the villa.

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The Pura Besakih is the largest and most sacred temple in Bali, it is also called "the mother temple". This temple is located on the slopes of Gunung Agung and this means that you also have to take a long walk here to reach the temple.


The Pura Lempuyang temple is a beautiful, small temple on the Seraya hill in the northeast of Bali. The Pura Luhur Lempuyang is one of Bali's nine most important temples and is of great significance for Balinese culture and religion. Fun for the kids ... count the 1700 steps up or take an instagram photo at the Gate of Heaven. Search #GatesofHeaven on Instagram and you'll see over 15,000 photos of this place. 


Goa Lawah means Bat Cave. The 1000-year-old temple is important for temple rituals associated with life after death. The most important part of the temple is a cave inhabited by tens of thousands of bats. 



Exploring east Bali is one of the island's great pleasures.  Rice terraces spill down hillsides, white sand beaches and traditional villages are barely touched by modernity. Temples, palaces and whimsically designed water gardens are dotted throughout the landscape neighborhood.


Villa Hanya Indah is the perfectly situated to discover Bali in all of it's beauty.


Taman Ujung is a natural sanctuary that truly has a beautiful setting. The water palace is located in Karangasem, close to the villa, water palace Tirta Gangga and Virgin Beach. The palace was built by the old King Raja of Karangasem. The area has three large ponds connected by bridges over which you can walk.


The water palace Tirta Gangga was built in 1947 as the country retreat of the former king. It is a garden with a kind of holy pond with statues that spray water. Large carp swim between the statues and the tiles in the pond. It is touristy, but definitely worth a visit. Jump over the tiles in the pond and feed the large koy carp. If you want you can even take a dip in the swimming pond.


The big favorite of many, because you can be cleaned and it is beautiful. Pura Tirta Empul stands for "temple of the holy water". Here you can ritually cleanse yourself with the holy water of the temple and worship the Hindu gods. Dressed in colorful sarongs you enter the holy water. It is a beautiful ritual and the sacrifices floating in the basin completed the picture.


A ten minute drive from the villa, near the water palace Ujung is the beautiful White Sand Beach, also called Virgin Beach or Pantai Pasir Putih. White sand beach is located in a beautiful natural environment. The beach stretches along a beautiful bay surrounded by cliffs, lots of greenery and trees. A suitable place to swim in the sea, relax on one of the many sunbeds or a walk on the beach. We always go to Warung Gusti to have lunch. Great staff and fresh food!


Just above Padang Bai you have the beach Pantai Blue Lagoon. Once you arrive at Pantai Blue Lagoon you first walk down the cliff with an constructed staircase. Padang Bai is a white beach and also one of the most beautiful places to snorkel in Bali. Truly breathtakingly beautiful! Beautifully colored coral and many tropical fish are hidden just below the water's surface. For about 4-5 euros you can rent a snorkel set at the restaurant / bar on the beach.

Image by Geio Tischler


In Bali you will find the most beautiful temples, but the landscape is dominated by the volcanoes Gunung Agung and Mount Batur. Wherever you go or stand, these active volcanoes tower above everything. You will find beautiful rice fields around the volcanoes. The Balinese see Gunung Agung as a replica of Mount Meru, the 'navel of the universe', the geographical and religious center of the world. They sleep with their heads in the direction of the Agung, and many believe that the gods made the mountain to see life below from that height.


You can climb the Mount Batur volcano, preferably at sunrise. It is one of the most adventurous and challenging experiences on the Island of the Gods. Mount Batur (Gunung Batur), located next to Mount Agung, has a "double caldera" (a crater inside a second crater) and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in Bali.


About 40 minutes from Villa Hidden Jewel, amidst the rice fields and beautiful nature, you will find a small town called Sidemen in the east of Bali. This is how you imagine the real Bali: few tourists, but the authentic Balinese culture in a casual atmosphere and in the middle of unspoilt nature. It is a wonderful place in Bali to go.

In Sidemen, daily life is a lot slower than elsewhere on the island and you come here mainly for your peace and beautiful surroundings.


Candidasa is a fishing village located on the east coast of Bali and is about 20 min from the holiday villa. In Candidasa it is not overly busy and there is a relaxed atmosphere and the people are very friendly. There are a few cozy bars and good eateries. We often go to Vincent's on a Thursday evening. On this evening they have live music. Do book in advance by our staff because it can be busy.



Amed is best known for its underwater world. You can snorkel very well at several places along the coast. Rent a snorkel on the spot and swim in the water, you will soon see very beautiful fish. You can drive along the coast with a scooter from the villa to Amed. We think this is one of the most beautiful scooter trips in Bali and is definitely recommended.

Image by Niklas Weiss
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